Ensuring Robinson's Ideals Live On

Since 1973, the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) has disbursed over $95 million in grants and direct support to 1,700 JRF Scholars. With the 2022 opening of the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York City, JRF will inspire others to embrace the ideals embodied in the legacy of its heroic namesake. Donate Now

Why Give?

Diversity Matters

Our country’s economic growth and global competitiveness depend on an educated, diverse, and dynamic populace. When we fail to educate those with talent and abilities, we do a disservice to all of society.

While there is no shortage of talent in communities of color, the graduation rate for African American college students persists at an unacceptably low 40.5%, compared to the overall graduation rate of 65.4%. Since its inception in 1973, Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars have maintained a 98% college graduation rate.

Inequities Exist

JRF’s multifaceted approach addresses the financial need of high-achieving underrepresented and under-resourced college students, providing them with four years of hands-on mentoring, leadership development, and a host of extensive support services designed to ensure academic achievement, self-actualization, and professional success. JRF Scholar alumni contribute to the employment landscape and can be found everywhere—classrooms and courtrooms, laboratories and operating rooms, campaign trails, trading desks and concert halls.

History is an Invaluable Teacher

The Jackie Robinson Museum will serve as a destination for innovative, immersive, and dynamic educational programming for students of all ages. Using Jackie Robinson’s life and accomplishments as a backdrop, the Museum will introduce and elevate the achievements of other African American pioneers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.