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JRF Scholars receive college scholarships of up to $35,000 over four years and are financially sponsored to attend JRF‘s annual, four-day “Mentoring and Leadership Conference“ in New York City and other events throughout the year. Aside from generous financial support, Scholars benefit from a comprehensive, four-year program that includes career guidance, internship and permanent job placement, travel abroad, and leadership and practical life skills training. How to Apply
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Core Values of a JRF Scholar

JRF Scholars are required to perform community service throughout college, as much to enrich their lives as to impact those whom they serve.

JRF Scholars are encouraged to embrace the following core values that reflect the life and legacy of Jackie Robinson:


Meet responsibilities consistently and commit to the diligence needed to achieve success.


Always be guided by facts. Acknowledge the truth even when it compromises one’s own interests.


Recognize that we are all created equal. Be quick to compliment, slow to blame, and modest in the wake of accomplishment.


Advance human dignity for all. Practice empathy and generosity toward others.


Strive to abide by the core values, however difficult or unpopular.

Mentoring and Leadership Conference

A key component of JRF’s robust curriculum is its annual four-day Mentoring and Leadership Conference (MLC), hosted for all JRF Scholars and held in New York City. The MLC coincides with the annual JRF Alumni reunion, also held in NYC, which allows for important mentoring and networking between Scholars and alumni.

During the meticulously orchestrated MLC conference each year, JRF Scholars: (1) participate in career exploration, practical life skills training, and leadership development workshops; (2) network with dozens of community leaders, corporate executives, and government officials; (3) engage through cultural, recreational, and community service outings; and (4) interact with JRF staff, sponsors and alumni, as well members of JRF’s extensive volunteer corps known as Scholar Advisory Committees (SAC).

The MLC is a highlight of JRF’s year-round mentoring efforts and culminates in JRF Scholars attending the Foundation’s Annual Robie Awards Dinner, traditionally held on the first Monday of March. Smaller regional events and gatherings are held throughout the year.