Meet Juma Sei ’22

To foster his diverse interests, Juma is a member of several on-campus organizations. He is Secretary of Yale’s Black Men’s Union and liaisons between first-year class members and the BMU board. He is alsoa creative writing tutor for the Urban Improvement Corps, a mentoring and tutoring program that provides elementary, middle, and high school students access to some of the nation’s most brilliant minds. In addition, he became a private math tutor with one of the seventh graders he met through the Urban Improvement Corps. Juma is a member of Yale’s Varsity Track and Field team. His passion for the sport has resulted in several awards, including the Lee Calhoun Men’s Sprinter of the Year, awarded to the most outstanding member of Yale’s male sprint team; and Outstanding Male First Year, awarded to most outstanding member of Yale’s male first-year class.

“My mother raised me to know that it takes a village to raise a child. Though in saying this, she was undoubtedly referencing the friends and family which helped her look after my stubborn behind, her motif has forever taught me to lift as I climb. And so, rather than reflecting on the personal accolades which awarded me the Nike prize, I simply want to thank those who’ve pushed me to be a better person. To my track team, peers, tutee, and JRF family, thank you for exemplifying what it means to go through this life with a little more ambition, grit, kindness and laughter.” – Juma Sei