Established in 1973 by Rachel Robinson to perpetuate the memory of her husband, the Jackie Robinson Foundation is a public, nonprofit organization that administers one of the nation’s premier scholarship and leadership development programs for talented college students. With the opening in 2022 of the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York City, JRF will educate and inspire the general public around the ideals embodied in the life of its namesake.

JRF Scholars Program

JRF Scholars receive financial aid of up to $35,000 over four years, while participating in a four-year, comprehensive program that includes career discernment strategies, job placement, international travel opportunities and practical life skills training.

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JRF IMPACT makes elements of JRF’s college success curriculum available to a broader population of collegians who receive advice, access resources, and connect with other students and mentors across the country through an interactive digital platform.

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Jackie Robinson Museum

Coming to NYC in 2022, in addition to recounting Robinson’s iconic life through artifacts, narrative, and state-of-the-art media, the Jackie Robinson Museum will host dynamic educational programming for all ages and serve as a venue for dialogue on critical issues that yet challenge our society.

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Trusted Minds Leading the Foundation

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In 1973, the Jackie Robinson Foundation was incorporated and since then has provided educational opportunities, through the awarding of four-year scholarships coupled with mentoring, job placement and leadership development opportunities to highly motivated college students with financial need. About Our History