The People Behind
the Foundation

All of us at the Jackie Robinson Foundation are highly motivated to maintain the high standards set by our namesake as we work to level the playing field in education and promote the humanitarian values that defined Robinson’s life.

Trusted Minds Leading the Foundation

Our Board of Directors is composed of industry giants, thought-leaders, and networking professionals — all Jackie Robinson fans and all supporters of Robinson’s legacy.

Dedicated Staff Promoting Robinson’s Values

Our staff is committed to preserving Jackie Robinson’s memory and ensuring that his mission of providing equal opportunity and closing the achievement gap in higher education is realized through JRF’s programs and activities.

Our Alumni Association

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Alumni Association (JRFAA) supports its members, Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) Scholars, and the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

JRF Regional Scholar Advisory Committees

There are eight regional advisory committees from around the country that assist JRF in:

  • screening qualified applications;
  • selecting and interviewing semifinalists;
  • recommending candidates as JRF Scholarship recipient finalists;
  • providing mentoring for Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars.

    These committees are comprised of academic, corporate and civic leaders, many of whom are alumni.
    *JRF Alumna(us)

  • Pacific Northwest

    Harold Allen* – Chair
    Lauren Booker Allen* – Vice Chair
    Kimberly Brown Goode*
    Yashica Crawford
    Jermaine Cruz
    Charisse Daggs
    William Drewery
    Keith Jackson
    Talia Jefferson
    Hayin Kim
    Amy Schapiro


    Daron Campbell* – Chair
    Laurie Dickey* – Vice Chair
    Mary Horne Hamilton – UCLA Coordinator
    Lena Brown
    Robert Cambridge
    Jo Ann Dawson
    Matt Edelman
    Brien Kelley*
    Charles Meigs
    Simone Rahotep
    Kathy Robinson Young
    Keith Sinclair


    Spencer Lightsy* – Chair
    Tameka Selders* – Vice Chair
    Yolanda Carroll
    Kamilah Collins
    DeJuan Frank*
    Justin Henry*
    Katherine Kane
    Gabrielle Madison*
    Shylene Mata*
    Tasha Philpot
    James Pinckney, II*
    Michael Selders
    Courtney Walker


    Rand Harlow* – Chair
    Regina Manley – Vice Chair
    Rhonda Adams*
    Joyce Brown
    Tina Carroll-Dugas
    Chalmus English*
    LaKesha Gage Woodard*
    Wayne Morgan
    Clyde Tinnen*
    Simone (Williams) Robinson*


    Doneka Scott – Chair
    Patrick Troup – Vice Chair
    Keon Blasingame*
    Cordell Hardy
    David Maggitt
    Cedric Skillon
    Pamela Ross
    Mary Tate
    Jay Williams
    Bill Woodson


    Keith Webb – Chair
    Angelia Lumpkin* – Vice Chair
    Carolyn Alvarez*
    Melvin Bullock*
    Jonathan Butler
    Allison Collins
    Jean Harvey
    Jessica Page Inman
    Michael Jackson
    Jessma Lambert
    Dwayne Marshall*
    Brintza Miles*

    Florida Sub-Committee
    Sobani Warner* – Chair
    Brandon Mincey*
    Sandra Newman
    Marcus Polk*
    Allysha Ramcharan*
    Karla Ransdell
    Robyn Sims
    Cassandra Stokes
    Michael Strayhorn
    Candace Walker*
    Rhonda Ware*


    Angelia Neal – Chair
    Kendra Gaither* – Vice Chair
    Kristine Andrews*
    Gary Bartee
    DeWayne Ellis
    William Ferrell*
    Tyronda Gibson
    Ashley Hill*
    David Jones*
    LaSonya Kelly*
    Stephanie Marshall-Horry*
    Arthur Neal


    Lisa Farrow* – Chair
    Reginald Livingston* – Vice Chair
    Marie Baskerville
    Anne Broomfield*
    Heather Cannady*
    Dorie Clay
    Allison Davis
    Thierry Decembre*
    Hope Harley
    Dafina Lovelace
    Yolanda Lyle*
    Cynthia Mullins
    Danielle Robinson
    Sebastian Rodriquez*
    Ernie Rudloff
    Siobhan Stewart
    Patrick Walsh*
    Lenore Washington-Graham
    Chelsea Williams*