JRF thanks MacKenzie Scott

The Jackie Robinson Foundation is thrilled and deeply grateful to have received an overwhelmingly generous donation from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. This transformational gift substantially bolsters J RF’s mission to narrow the achievement gap in higher education and in the workplace. By providing multi-year scholarships and comprehensive support to talented college students, who maintain an average graduation rate of 98% and go on to become leaders in their professions and their communities, JRF addresses profoundly Ms. Scott’s professed interest in supporting the work of those who are “driving change” to ensure “equal participation essential to construction of a better world.”

“We are particularly proud to be among the organizations benefitting from Ms. Scott’s impressively principled and strategic approach to giving,” said JRF’s President and CEO Della Britton. “Ms. Scott’s ‘conviction that people who have experience with inequities are the ones best equipped to design solutions’ is an insightful affirmation of the work and legacy of the Jackie Robinson Foundation – and the iconic Jackie Robinson himself.”

We again offer our heartfelt appreciation to MacKenzie Scott for her generosity that will extend our reach, bringing us another step closer to a level playing field and indeed a better world.